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A whole bunch of new units. FAF currently allows applying All none; it doesn't allow picking and choosing. Watch some of the excellent videos of ranked games with commentary by ZaphodX.



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Watch some of the top videos faforever ranked matches with commentary by ZaphodX. FAF responses non-destructive place; It faforever the contrary round from your individual installation. A rebalance mod best for professional players.

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  1. FAF has a new ranking system that weights size of skirmish you play into your leaderboard score 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, or whatever Patching:

  2. Because there are so many mods and ways to combine those mods, attempting to describe what exactly FAF is in comparison to the vanilla Forged alliance is almost impossible to do.

  3. FAF does non-destructive patching; It patches the game separately from your current installation. The difficulty of the campaigns ramps up as players are added.

  4. Watch some of the excellent videos of ranked games with commentary by ZaphodX.

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