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Savannah is very cautious by nature and does not like the water. Find out more about the Eyre Peninsula, from accommodation and things to do, to tours and charters. Fishery Bay A must is driving out to Fishery Bay.

Eyre peninsula sa

The girls were fascinated as well, especially by the machine that sorted the oysters. Savannah took her notebook with her to record animals she found along the way, and at the top Savannah and Kalyra created and filmed their own magic show.

Eyre peninsula sa

Eyre peninsula sa

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  2. Many natural heritage attractions can be found in the peninsula's three national parks, in numerous conservation parks, and along the peninsula's extensive coastline. I could have stayed there all afternoon.

  3. From Whyalla , visitors can snorkel or dive off Point Lowly to witness the mass breeding aggregation of Giant Australian Cuttlefish which occurs there from May to August each year. Check out the historic Flinders Monument, built in memory of Matthew Flinders who surveyed the Eyre Peninsula coastline in

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