Eyebrow piercing for guys


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You will often see both men and women sport the same types of piercings such as barbells, spikes and metal bead studs. With so many different types of eyebrow piercing jewelry available, we can go on for days with various examples. The world is your oyster when it comes to the designs offered for your own personal style.

Eyebrow piercing for guys

Spikes If you are looking for a style that is a little more badass, then try out these spiked barbells. In all actuality this is only two piercings, one barbell placed in vertical position and the other in horizontal position. Below are 57 of the most amazing eyebrow piercing designs you will ever find.

Eyebrow piercing for guys

Eyebrow piercing for guys

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  1. Popular Choices The barbell in the eyebrow is always a popular choice you can never go wrong there. Be sure to incorporate any tattoos or dermal piercings into your thought process as well, since they can add a wealth more creativity to your complete design pattern!

  2. She has two studs underneath her eyes and if they are gems they are sure to make her eyes pop.

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