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When sexting occurs between two minors, again, there is much variation between states in how to prosecute these cases. Parents and Digital Technology is essential reading for all parents and guardians as well as those caring for children and teenagers in a professional setting, who want to get the best out of life and modern technology while keeping safe in a family that talks to each other, spends time with each other and enjoys each other. Generally, however, the laws treat sexting between minors with more levity than in anti-child porn cases.

Explicit sexts

Using real-world examples and solid psychological theory, the book looks first at the anxieties parents express about digital technology, followed by the serious potential threats such as cyber-bullying, sexting and easy access to pornographic or violent materials. Otherwise, like with statutory rape laws, minors cannot provide consent. As seen by the discussion above, sexting laws widely vary.

Explicit sexts

Explicit sexts

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  1. These can be nude or semi-nude images or just explicit text of a sexual nature.

  2. Many state governments, like California, are still in the process of debating sexting laws.

  3. The end result is a toolbox for parents, full of tips, strategies and techniques designed to help navigate the digital world, ensuring it is safe yet still exciting for young people.

  4. The authors also share their expert understanding of child and adolescent development and how this relates to the appeal of digital media, with special attention paid to the importance of good communication. This can help you support your children in a positive way as they explore the digital world.

  5. Generally, however, the laws treat sexting between minors with more levity than in anti-child porn cases.

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