Evil pranks for revenge


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After a day or two, when the fish is "ripened", watch him trying to figure the source of the stink. One bite and your friends or co-workers will be plotting their revenge.

Evil pranks for revenge

Do this to your colleague and "help" him figure out the source of the noise in all possible directions. The Party Prank A boring party needs some spicing up, literally!

Evil pranks for revenge

Evil pranks for revenge

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  1. If you do, be prepared to counter some revenge pranks.

  2. Needless to say, it can make you bid goodbye to your job. Do this to your colleague and "help" him figure out the source of the noise in all possible directions.

  3. Buy a cheap, small fish from the market.

  4. When you come back, you would find him with baggy eyes because of lack of sleep.

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