Evanescence and linkin park


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It is written in the key of E minor and Lee's vocal range for the song runs from the low note of A3 to the high note of D5. As the chorus begins, the band and Paul McCoy are performing in another room as Lee awakens and makes her way to the window. It's about waking up to all the things you've been missing for so long.

Evanescence and linkin park

So then I had spoken maybe 10 or 15 words to this guy, who was a friend of a friend. On her previous visit to New York City, Lee had met a DJ from the radio station K-Rock , who had made what she called horrible comments about the pleasure he had derived from the picture of her face on the cover of Fallen. And I lied, I said I was fine.

Evanescence and linkin park

Evanescence and linkin park

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  1. One day someone said something that made my heart race for a second and I realized that for months I'd been numb, just going through the motions of life.

  2. Anyway, he's not really clairvoyant. Throughout the bridge and final chorus, McCoy unsuccessfully attempts to pull Lee up, and she falls from his grasp down the building.

  3. And I lied, I said I was fine.

  4. Ann Powers from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote: Lee wore red and black, with a skirt.

  5. And that's how the whole international thing happened this early. Fischer from MTV News called the song a "

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