Estj relationship


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Ever the extravert, ESTJ gets along very well with others. They have a hard time dealing with an overdose of feelings.

Estj relationship

This personality is one of the more common personas and makes up just under 12 percent of the population. Any slacking off and the tempers may rise! The ESTJ is generally very opinionated, and likes to appear authoritative and in charge.

Estj relationship

Estj relationship

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  1. A strong self-confidence can be very attractive, but it is also equally likely that the ESTJ partner will feel threatened or at least annoyed by it. This is a potential pitfall for ESTJs, who should try to be aware of the fact that other people have things to offer, even if they do not exactly follow the ESTJ's way of thinking.

  2. If left unsatisfied, the ESTJ may suddenly realize one day that their dreams have gone unfulfilled and may take drastic action in a last-ditch attempt to gain some satisfaction. Their relationships progress naturally from fun dating to mature relationship to even onto marriage.

  3. Since they are social creatures, they're likely to bring an emphasis on socializing to the relationship - but only after all of their work is done. What are ESTJs like as partners?

  4. Sexually, the ESTJ is likely to be robust, enthusiastic, and athletic.

  5. ESTJs enjoy spending time with others socializing, and are likely to strongly desire that their partners also take part in these social activities. Their relationships progress naturally from fun dating to mature relationship to even onto marriage.

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