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Spring weather usually sees brighter and drier days Spring Equilux Today marks the Spring Equilux, a day which sees a change in the amount of daytime hours we see, as there are equal amounts of day and night-time hours. The date of the closest approximation of the equilux varies slightly by latitude; in the mid-latitudes, it occurs a few days before the spring equinox and after the fall equinox in each respective hemisphere.


The other factor is the apparent size of the sun. This is known as the dip of the horizon and varies from 3 arcminutes for a viewer standing on the sea shore to arcminutes for a mountaineer on Everest.



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  1. As a result, they are visible only as a thin line when seen from Earth. This point is the origin of some celestial coordinate systems , which are usually rooted to an astronomical epoch since it gradually varies precesses over time:

  2. Most places on Earth use a time zone which differs from the local solar time by minutes or even hours. Close, but not quite right.

  3. The closer an object is to the horizon like the sun at sunset or sunrise the more the bending is apparent. Date[ edit ] When Julius Caesar established the Julian calendar in 45 BC, he set 25 March as the date of the spring equinox; this was already the starting day of the year in the Persian and Indian calendars.

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