Emotional vampire checklist


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Some have condemned his behavior, but are still unable to resist his wiles, but others have believed his stories that I am a cold and angry person who deprived him of affection and forced him to cheat. Everything was going so well and my cousin seemed motivated and happy again but after 2 weeks, she dropped the class Last Monday.

Emotional vampire checklist

To get her cooperation, show how your request satisfies her self-interest. And those bright spots do exist. The Road Less Traveled:

Emotional vampire checklist

Emotional vampire checklist

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  1. I began squirreling away money because I knew that he would make things difficult for me. He wants your whole attention to himself.

  2. So I decided that this was my out since he did not have grounds to resist me at that point. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

  3. Histrionics have big hair, big muscles, big emotions and not the tiniest clue of who they really are. Show him that you are unaffected, because he will definitely derive greater pleasure in knowing that you are having a hard time because of him.

  4. They love parties, and any other source of excitement and fun.

  5. They love to set ultimatums and deadlines, and push you so hard you are afraid you will break. Bounce back with a massive dose of loving-kindness.

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