Emotional suffocation


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Our parents leave us with all sorts of emotions that we may have to sort out in later on in life. Most importantly it implies a lack of trust in the child and the child may grow up lacking self-confidence or a sense of self worth.

Emotional suffocation

In other words, the notion and expectation of parenting is to teach a child how to become a fully functioning and independent adult. Or if the child feels forced by the parent into a career or a marriage and so on the child may feel resentful and very angry. The child may turn this anger inward:

Emotional suffocation

Emotional suffocation

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  1. Yet a huge resentment and a frustration may lie deep within for not being able to escape. They can just give up.

  2. What is emotional smothering? In other cases, a child may actually leave home but if they are still emotionally tied to the parent, they may feel tremendous guilt and disloyalty for leaving the parent.

  3. Consequently, the child can start to feel stifled, resentful and even angry, if they begin to feel emotionally controlled or manipulated by a parent. The first example I always used to begin my explanation is initially quite subtle.

  4. This could have varying consequences from a child experiencing resentment, anger, claustrophobia to becoming withdrawn, resigned, compliant even depressed or emotionally numb.

  5. Normally the parent will allow the child to explore and climb the tree possibly with much caution and advice. Their school life, their grades, their sport activities as well as possible weight issues can be affected.

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