Emoji sexting ideas


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Again, if you feel like this emoji is more representative of your behind, go ahead and use it. It can make you hungry too. For the apparent reason being that it looks like it has two lips, and the center resembles the vulva.

Emoji sexting ideas

Use with wild abandon. You knew this had to be something dirty the first time you saw it too!

Emoji sexting ideas

Emoji sexting ideas

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  1. This sets the mood and invites further sexual conversation. And in case you're not into the whole eggplant and water-droplets emoji thing, you can simply use a repetition of the open mouth face, which symbolizes bobbing head and movement.

  2. This sets the mood and invites further sexual conversation. Plainly put, we're talking about twerking and, well, anything that involve wiggling your bottom.

  3. And it definitely inspires you to do more squats! This way there are no mixed messages or mixed emotions.

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