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For users, the extent of investment into the platform can be measured in the personalisation of their avatar. Sexualities, 7 4 , Despite being a space for only female avatars, the majority mode of female expression on Eden has found to be that of a sexualised, and generally feminised, appearance.


The surveyor of woman in herself is male: Barbara Creed, , p.



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  1. Critiques that presuppose these two categories normative and pathological fail to see, for instance, how reality television shows, twenty-four-hour Webcam internet sites, and other examples of the voyeurism popular culture has so effortlessly adopted as an autobiographical adjective often re-enact the very gender anxieties identified, and reproduced, by psychoanalysis, while blindly pathologizing threats to normative heterosexuality and heterosexual marriage. She is on display, her pose actively designed to lure the gaze; the crucial difference is, however, that the spectator is shut out from her world.

  2. The irony of social change has made a radical, sexual, political statement of the s appear today as a reactionary, non-feminist experience.

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