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A black father did not have the freedom to be live a separate life from his family, even if he wanted to. Allude is a verb that means to call attention to something without coming right out and mentioning it. Poetry often alludes to other works of literature.


Take a moment to read about how these two words are different so that the next time you need to use one of them, you will choose correctly! Of course black children were more likely to be raised by both parents during slavery — no one in the family had a say in the matter.



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  1. Now, who do you think is in a better position to know?

  2. After all, they are spelled similarly, and they also sound very much alike.

  3. Again, these government benefits are meager and provide for only a very minimal standard of living. Correlating economy health to welfare distribution can be further made by examining the decline of SNAP recipients as our economy has improved.

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