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Uhl realizes the jostling and the notebook are a message from the illusionist, and begins to rethink recent events. I have not been so entranced by a movie since the first Banderas Zorro movie.


Later, and far away, Sophie and Eisenheim start a new life together in a cabin at the foot of a beautiful mountain. Uhl reveals to Leopold that he has found evidence - a jewel from Leopold's sword and Sophie's distinctive locket - which could implicate Leopold in Sophie's murder.



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  1. I want to see this movie over and over again.

  2. Eisenheim proceeded to study magic by travelling the world, and fifteen years later returned to Vienna to perform. Eisenheim asks Sophie to flee with him, but Sophie is afraid that they will be hunted down and executed.

  3. He asks the boy who it was that gave him the notebook, and the boy replies "Herr Eisenheim.

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