Edo state zip code


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She demand money from me! The youth, majority of them post-primary school leavers, undergraduates of tertiary institutions and fresh graduates of such institutions, are the ones mainly involved in this scam business.

Edo state zip code

Nigerian police ne kuch reply kiya..? Besides, these Yahoo Boys, in the course of telephone conversations with their potential or actual victims, whom they variously refer to as mugu or maga, alter their vocal chords in manners that make them speak in alien accents. Suraj Naik I had put an ad on olx for my camera.

Edo state zip code

Edo state zip code

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  1. In mail is written that I send money to my bank it will be released imidiatly when shipping status will update.

  2. Suraj Naik I had put an ad on olx for my camera.

  3. Suraj Naik I had put an ad on olx for my camera.

  4. Sumit Mehta Hi guys, In continuation with the below comments This is the latest froud done by nigerians,,, I have posted my adds on OLX and similaraly I received intrested member comments and all happened in the same way,,,,,, this guy os telling he is an army guy fron USA and using nigerian number on wats app as he needs to travel to nigeria for his son every week…. Obe suggested that because of the high level of unemployment in the land combined with the high activity and awareness rates, young people could not find things to do with their hands and heads, and so, they switched over to these scam activities which he said had paid off handsomely for a good number of people.

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