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Even a simple fluorescent light can affect 16, litres of water. Together, they make the Foundation a strong, unique and differentiated organisation that is committed to the following:


Establishing, developing and managing the collection, treatment and management of waste electronic appliances, equipment and components at the end of their useful life, ensuring that resources aimed at recycling are best used. To achieve these objectives involves three main areas of activity:



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  1. Incorporated on 7 March , ECOTIC works to defend the environment and promote sustainable development by raising awareness and by training manufacturers, distributors and electrical and electronic equipment users.

  2. Approving management plans and programmes of action Establishing criteria for setting up new areas of activity Setting general guidelines for distributing and applying available funds Organisation Chart Besides the support of large companies within the industry, ECOTIC has an excellent team of professionals whose focus on service and commitment to work to the highest quality have enabled us to become the leading organisation that we are today. The Board assumes responsibility for meeting the founding aims and for efficiently managing our assets and rights, optimising both performance and usefulness.

  3. Even a simple fluorescent light can affect 16, litres of water.

  4. Objectives and activities Our main objectives are to protect the environment and promote sustainable development, and we work towards goals using numerous initiatives. We are organised into three functional areas:

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