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Moving from the armchair to the front line Ecocentrism offers a robust ethical analysis of the negative impact that humans are having on the community of life on Earth and the physical systems on which it is dependent. In various ways, environmentalism claims that non-human organisms and the natural environment as a whole deserve consideration when appraising the morality of political, economic, and social policies. Western culture and the science that trails along with it can, if moved, embrace more meaningful concepts of symbiosis, altruism, relatedness and compliance, accepting the over-riding importance of worldly context.


Ecocentrism is not an argument that all organisms have equivalent value. First, we have instrumental value that describes the value of something in how it can be used or useful, usually in relation to human wants or needs. Posted here with minor editorial changes.



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  1. In Callicott's interpretation, neither intrinsic value nor instrumental value actually existed outside the realm of human thought.

  2. Issues and Debates within Ecocentrism There are a number of pitfalls when arguing ecocentrist philosophical ethics.

  3. Anthropocentrism Ecocentrism is taken by its proponents to constitute a radical challenge to long-standing and deeply rooted anthropocentric attitudes in Western culture, science, and politics. If that causes uneasiness, the central position of the self can be retained painlessly by redefining it as a broad field-of-care embracing Earth.

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