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And I understand why AIG is under conservatorship and the government is keeping them afloat to make good on their payouts. The fraud wasn't the creation of MBS's or CDS's, but seeking help from the government against risk freely and cooperatively taken.

Dylan ratigan fired

The only thing I'm surprised by is that a firm like Goldman Sachs receives TARP funds with no strings attached, yet is then compensated again by likely inflated insurance credits. These were bad ideas done in haste under emotional fear via predictions from the same people who bet huge on the future of the real estate market.

Dylan ratigan fired

Dylan ratigan fired

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  1. AIG was always going to be a conduit for bailout payments, because all institutions had secondary and tertiary exposures.

  2. I think a lot of people from CNBC supported the bailouts but they also like myself support the idea that no Bailout should happen without some strings attached so that the taxpayers receive some protection from these fraudulent institutions.

  3. You appear to be an intelligent guy, but you seem to be getting engulfed in the emotionalism of this process like so many others.

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