Dublin crossdressers


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I will call again Tina. Underwear that keeps you flat, corsets to cinch your waist, special bras that fit very realistic breast forms. For sure, i will be utilising the'Femme'services very soon.

Dublin crossdressers

I would recommend the Boudoir to all tgirls out there! And as for the photos,just got home and had a good look at them and I'm delighted with the results.

Dublin crossdressers

Dublin crossdressers

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  1. Discretion is guaranteed, we understand you will probably be very nervous if its your first time receiving a transformation, but we will help guide you through the process, help you to choose outfits and a makeup look. We offer a high end professional experience:

  2. Emma is such a cutie, she's doing your make up but it's like you've just met you're best friend for a weekly chat. Both so professional and warm.

  3. We spend about an hour on your makeover, making you as Femme as possible!

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