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Senior Drill Sergeants are the most senior NCO in a given training platoon, and are ultimately responsible for Soldiers within or under their authority. Drill Sergeant candidates are held to the highest standards while going through the school as preparation for their tours of duty. The experience provides third class cadets with invaluable experience they will need in training the new incoming fourth class cadets during Swab Summer.

Drill instructor hat

It is not unusual for a cycle to graduate on a Thursday or Friday with new recruits arriving the following Monday or Tuesday. These volunteers still report to Drill Instructor School, but are referred to as course challengers, and are only required to complete a short refresher course.

Drill instructor hat

Drill instructor hat

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  1. Upon graduation, they are assigned to one of the Recruit Training Battalions. This headdress is distinguished by a high crown and deep indentations on all four sides.

  2. Historically, the task of the Drill Sergeant has been intrinsic to good order and discipline and commands respect throughout the Army. These personnel wear a blue cord to signify being a protocol officer.

  3. The school lasts approximately three months with four classes running throughout the year. Their responsibilities include areas such as military discipline , physical fitness , and weapons training.

  4. Armed Forces[ edit ] Drill instructors are held responsible for the welfare, behavior, and military education of the recruits assigned to them on a hour basis throughout the period of initial training, of which the most well known is Basic Training or boot camp.

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