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Last week, Cheramie opened a reconstructed patio behind the bar. Drama Club loves Houma, we wish everybody the best in the world. The interior of the new lounge is bold and bright.

Drama club houma

After the drag show ended Feb. It is financed by Ray Cheramie, who had previously owned Back Tracks, a gay-only club that closed in the mids. Less than three months later, the lounge was had speakers, lights, fresh furniture and bathrooms.

Drama club houma

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  1. The Drama Club was known for welcoming straight patrons, who also make up a significant portion of the customer base at Main Street. Drama Club loves Houma, we wish everybody the best in the world.

  2. Drama Club is a big, huge club.

  3. Less than a half a mile away from the Drama Club , the Main Street Lounge has enjoyed growing crowds almost every week since it opened on Halloween night.

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