Drag racing cairns


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Senior Constable Aleda Day on May 11, 9: The downturn in the mining sector has really knocked around the economy up that way and a lot of folks are doing it tough, leaving little spare cash for automotive fun. Donut caught up with Security to make sure everyone was behaving.

Drag racing cairns

Two hours later and another test and off he went happy. Big crowds at the burn outs. Somehow Lynchy was able to fix the tailshaft and diff in his car though, and came out on Sunday.

Drag racing cairns

Drag racing cairns

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  1. Another selfie with security A great sunset on Saturday night. Geoff was a big fan of the powerskids, though, and after swapping his drag slicks for steelies his Falcon was almost a match for some of the blown burnout cars that entered the comp.

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