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Please refer to the Donor Insemination Estimated Fees Schedule for detailed information regarding costs. Your staff promptly returns calls, follows through on commitments and are very professional. In general, two types of sperm are available:

Donate sperm dallas

In addition to the Sperm Storage Consent form, an IUI Donor Insemination consent form obtained from our office will need to be signed by both the male and the female, and witnessed by a Notary Public. Your staff promptly returns calls, follows through on commitments and are very professional.

Donate sperm dallas

Donate sperm dallas

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  2. The uncomplicated patient may achieve a 60 to 80 percent cumulative pregnancy rate after six cycles of artificial insemination using donor sperm AID. The sperm that is utilized has been kept in quarantine for at least six months and only released after the donor is tested again for sexually transmitted diseases.

  3. Thank you all for this terrific gift.

  4. What I once viewed as a potentially cold and scary experience, Fairfax turned into a lifetime of appreciation for what is possible.

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