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That made it cheaper than a base model Dodge Stratus, the mid-size car. Gale was the design chief of the original Dodge Viper concept vehicle, and recognized an opportunity to build a sport compact that would appeal to the younger auto generation who grew up on tuner cars , who may prefer a new car with the same performance appeal right off the showroom floor. There was minimal badging in satin silver to keep the appearance uncluttered.

Dodge neon srt4 hp

Gale noted a list of performance features he saw on the sport compact cars at the show, and wanted to integrate those features into Chrysler's compact production car, the Dodge Neon. A limited Commemorative Edition SRT-4 was released for cool factor only, its main characteristic being its design -- blue Viper stripes on a white body. The group logged more than 1, test track miles after hours in less than two weeks.

Dodge neon srt4 hp

Dodge neon srt4 hp

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