Dirty talk during sex audio


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Dirty talk stimulates and engages senses that may be overlooked or under used when in a sexual situation — our imagination, thought and hearing. By opening up to someone about our deepest thoughts, through dirty talk, we can achieve a deeper connection.

Dirty talk during sex audio

Make sure they're on board too! Practice makes perfect in all things, and this does include dirty talk. If it's only a 'no' because they have shame or anxiety around 'doing it right' then that can be an opportunity for dialogue and negotiation.

Dirty talk during sex audio

Dirty talk during sex audio

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  1. When enough of this input reaches the brain, the orgasm reflex is triggered. Sharing those desires with a partner indicates a deep level of trust and intimacy which can only help to foster strong feelings and further trust.

  2. Then he'll take his time getting there — but my mind is already on him following through with those promises, which makes even the smallest thing he's doing to me feel more intense.

  3. Plus, if you and your partner haven't talked dirty to each other before, is it fine to just throw something out there? The most enticing chatter can be romantic, teasing, alluring, and flirtatious according to your personal preferences.

  4. The areas of the brain engaged are the frontal cortex where the pleasure, judgement and imagination areas of the brain are.

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