Devalue and discard


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If you discarded the narcissist first without warning, they are sure to be desperate to reframe the narrative about you as soon as possible. People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder have unrealistic expectations about those they choose as mates. Jenna liked to dress more modestly.

Devalue and discard

Ultimately, they will pull away no matter what you do. They may swoop periodically in and out of your life through these hoovering tactics, so they can gain supply in the form of your emotional reactions. When I think back to the beginning I feel like I fell in love with myself.

Devalue and discard

Devalue and discard

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  1. There are so many ways the narcissist can verbally devalue you — in fact the very dis-ease of narcissism provides devaluation as part of the course. By devaluing their partners, Narcissists create the situation which then denies them the very thing that they want:

  2. Why are you being so difficult? We believe the quest of having to be different, better or prove ourselves in order for people to love us, is over.

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