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The interesting thing was the darkness of the fact that, in the original [Conan Doyle] story, Sherlock really hates him, which is unusual. We know that from the preceding episode.

Derren brown sherlock

So the truth is that when he was little — and obviously Mycroft tormented him about it — is that his dog died, and he totally fell for the idea that Redbeard had gone to live in a happy valley somewhere. Which is roughly how we ended up making Sherlock. To make sure you don't miss out in the future, subscribe to the Empire Podcast via our iTunes page or this handy RSS feed.

Derren brown sherlock

Derren brown sherlock

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  1. Now that all three episodes have been aired, we spoke to Gatiss and Moffat once more about the public reaction to the new series, which bits were hardest to write, and the reappearance of You Know Who for a special spoiler podcast you can listen to in full whenever you like. At this point, Sherlock, disguised as a French waiter, approaches the couple, but is not immediately recognised by John.

  2. It is rigged with explosives to make an enormous bomb. So we just extrapolated from there.

  3. In the second one, we get a proper scene in it. Sherlock Holmes alludes to a "system of Japanese wrestling" as the second of thirteen scenarios that might have allowed him to survive his rooftop encounter with Moriarty.

  4. In "The Adventure of the Empty House", Watson first encounters Holmes disguised as a heavily accented and bearded book salesman with a shop on the corner of Church Street, who offers Watson some books.

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