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But perhaps above all I have worked this in more than any previous show. Yes — for Netflix.

Derren brown bournemouth

Reading and writing for hours on my own makes me feel very good. They are showing Miracle and The Push — two of my C4 shows — and right now I am making a brand new special for them. So nothing feels like filler:

Derren brown bournemouth

Derren brown bournemouth

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  1. A big source of happiness is having meaning, and immersion in a creative project certainly offers that.

  2. People who come after having seen those previous shows are telling me they are being caught out and surprised again, which is great to hear.

  3. It was a delight. I try to find a strong dramatic hook, a good intelligent reason for doing it, and not pull any punches.

  4. Do you think the future of magic-inspired entertainment is in safe hands? Can you tell us why?

  5. We really understand what goes into a show and how to work together to make it happen.

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