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Often compared to a contour bra. A practical design that does not use underwire for support. Skimming on the excess material isn't all that distinguishes demi cups.

Demi bra definition

Looking for a sexy bra that will look great under your clothes - or in the bedroom? Turtlenecks, fitted tops and sweaters and other non-breast-baring tops are all types of clothing that work well with full coverage bras beneath. Professional attire some women find them too sexy for work outfits Everyday or running errands some women prefer more coverage when it's not a special occasion Most of our demi bras tend to be lacy and very sexy, so demi bras often double as lingerie if you want something you can wear both under your clothes and during intimate encounters.

Demi bra definition

Demi bra definition

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  1. Includes unusual designs like the open-tip, peekaboo, or peephole bra that feature holes or slits in the fabric that reveal the areolas and nipples.

  2. The cups may be lined with foam or lightly padded with polyfill to help conceal the nipples.

  3. As previously mentioned, some of them tend to have straps that are set wider, so you may need to seek out styles that have straps set closer in to prevent them from falling off your shoulders.

  4. Suitable for backless and strapless outerwear where a strapless bra is not possible or preferred, or as an alternative to going completely braless.

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