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These could be that the person is shy, quite or that there is currently something going on in their life that is causing the aloof behaviour. What I am describing here, are the proclivities of someone and not isolated occurrences.

Define aloof person

These behaviours can make someone look arrogant and ignorant and as if they think they are above or better than others. Being Present By questioning our reactions and behaviour, we can begin to ask ourselves if we are acting from the present moment or acting from past memories. As a child we will naturally have moments when are parents or caregivers are not available for us, and we can take these to mean a withdrawal of love and as absolutes.

Define aloof person

Define aloof person

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  2. Aloof The definition in a dictionary is something along these lines - Not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant. Felling Safe Being distant or withdrawn allows one to feel a sense of safety and that there is no chance of rejection.

  3. With the left side of our body being the receiving side feminine and right side for giving masculine. This has also lead to poetry.

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