Define a dry sense of humor


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There is generally, minimal or no use of facial expressions, body language, props or any other tool to get the point of the joke across. However, at the same time, it is also the responsibility of the person to ensure that the jokes do not take a toll on someone who is not as good a sport as he is expected to be.

Define a dry sense of humor

It has a sense of irony to it. If you think you have a dry sense of humor after reading this list, well, get out there and start to make people laugh or at least have them feeling uncomfortable.

Define a dry sense of humor

Define a dry sense of humor

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  1. Of course, dry humor is basically just using the material around us and of course, the world is filled with many issues that people tend to overlook or ignore for the sake of their sanity. The late British author Anthony Powell described dry wit as follows:

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