Deep voice mastery


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Nevertheless, I kept up the exercises and about two days later, the deep, crisp voice returned. However, prolonged use of synthetic Testosterone has been proven to cause other serious medical issues such as prostate cancer, therefore, it is highly recommended that you speak one on one with your doctor before committing to any sort of drastic hormone treatment.

Deep voice mastery

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Deep voice mastery

Deep voice mastery

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  1. There's really not much to the main book, and it feels like it was put together in one afternoon.

  2. When I finally grew the guts to kiss her at the end of the night, she was literally appalled. The effect of these exercises is that the tone that comes out of your mouth becomes deeper.

  3. After I found my the level of deepness that suited me, I started using my voice, and talking aloud to myself. Even when I was testing different methods of voice training that didn't work, I didn't get discouraged, instead, I slowly began to accept myself for who I am.

  4. I was shocked and humiliated. Either way, thanks a million for your voice tips, I am a changed man!

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