Dealing with heartache breakup


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A breakup or divorce launches you into uncharted territory. Remember that moving on is the end goal — Expressing your feelings will liberate you in a way, but it is important not to dwell on the negative feelings or to over-analyze the situation. The most important thing is that you have at least one place where you feel comfortable opening up.

Dealing with heartache breakup

Learning to take care of yourself can be one of the most valuable lessons you learn following a breakup. Pay attention to what you need in any given moment and speak up to express your needs. People who have been through painful breakups or divorces can be especially helpful.

Dealing with heartache breakup

Dealing with heartache breakup

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  1. Do you tend to repeat the same mistakes or choose the wrong person in relationship after relationship?

  2. Day by day, and little by little, you start moving on.

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