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Dry humor, or deadpan humor, as it is also called, is that type of humor in which a person states the joke in a very matter-of-fact tone. While this may be true in some cases, it should be understood that the person is merely putting an air of superiority and patronizing behavior so that the 'joke' has the desired effect on the audience.

Deadpan humor

It's called an accelerator. You'll never guess what just happened. Let us see what exactly characterizes this style of humor.

Deadpan humor

Deadpan humor

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  1. That is what I still want to know. This is what distinguishes this type of humor, which inherently and very obviously state the 'joke' in a statement.

  2. At least they can find Kuwait. It has a sense of irony to it.

  3. The whole car just takes right off.

  4. Dry humor does not necessarily need to be offensive or obscene.

  5. The person states absurd and incorrigible facts in such a blatantly honest matter that it becomes hard not to laugh.

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