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Upon walking in, I was amazed by how clean, cool and organized the store was. I even included pictures of the bag so they could see that the wine had fallen through the bottom. The decor, the atmosphere, the staff, the quality, and the variety all are fantastic.


All in all, a total gem of a shop. I went in to ask about their Sip-n-Learn classes and could immediately tell that they are passionate about wine. I can't believe I haven't written a Yelp review about my favorite wine boutique in D.



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I try to catch often since the direction always seems to be once. Dcanter also have an dcanter wine club for Capital Tin residents.

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  1. Even though this store is owned by a former coworker MikeW and his wife - I'm going to be impartial. They rolled in minutes late and expected all six of them to be seated together in a separate area.

  2. My notes would have been all stuff like, "I wish I had more booze," "This cheese is tasty," and doodles of dongs.

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