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He purposely chose to make Reynolds an anachronism, appearing on stage as if Reynolds was still the same age he was in Critical reactions[ edit ] Critical responses to the sketches have been positive.

David duchovny snl jeopardy

No one will ever be funnier than Darrell Hammond portraying the mischievous and idiotic version of Sean Connery. The lovable Oscar winner played a dumber version of himself on a episode.

David duchovny snl jeopardy

David duchovny snl jeopardy

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  1. Tom Hanks as Tom Hanks:

  2. Reynolds would then play the remainder of the game, with his responses being even dumber than Macdonald's. Jimmy Fallon as French Stewart:

  3. Tom Hanks as Tom Hanks: He forgot his own movie Cast Away, used a pen as a microphone and incorrectly answered "This is the only state that ends in Hampshire" with "South Hampshire.

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