Dating albanian guy


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Picture it; Senior year in high school , working part time out in the Hamptons for the summer. You think brothas have low standards, you aint seen nothing yet. Approximately 5 million people are able to speak the Albanian language.

Dating albanian guy

You get to find out things about the country that you would have never discovered on your own. You find yourself having a passionate view on politics, despite knowing very little about it and vowing not to form an opinion. He was freshly divorced , looking for " something new " and had a pocket full

Dating albanian guy

Dating albanian guy

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  1. He actually recently emmigrated to the US from Italy 4 years ago so his English is a bit.. Never mind that it was because of his cheating!

  2. He chose to forget that and try to make me the bad one. You will find yourself getting into all sorts of herbal and tea based-remedies.

  3. I know every Greek man is different, but some typical generalisations would be helpful pointers for me to understand them.

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