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As he left Jones said he would do a deal; if they did not report it to the police, then they would not see him again. Prosecutor David Mainstone said Miss Jones ended the relationship at the start of the year but a few days later, on January 14, she received a number of threatening text messages.

Damian jones horse whisperer

These "whispers" are in fact some "silent" coded messages,, which horses use to communicate. In three weeks time Damian will launch his new venture Whispers, with a special western theme fun day at Bryn Jones' Bridlewood Riding Centre, which already has three arenas and some 40 horses. Visiting riding schools in England, as well as Germany, Italy and Spain, he felt something was missing - there seemed to be no real sense of fun.

Damian jones horse whisperer

Damian jones horse whisperer

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  1. That is what fascinates me. Though he eventually studied the subject in the USA, he remains part of the Quantum Savvy global network.

  2. Jones threatened to smash her face in with a hammer and said: Like us on Facebook.

  3. Born and bred in North Wales, Damian was himself schooled by Charles Wilhelm, one of America's top six natural horsemanship gurus.

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