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Although it aims to achieve self-sufficiency by boosting the agricultural sector, Bhutan is faced with two big challenges — the lack of technical expertise and financial aid. Marshals, whatever they are doing, are serving a useful purpose and contributing to the success of the event and the smooth running of the organisation.


One of the beneficiaries of this programme is year-old Karma Choeni Dema, member and chair of Shershong Cooperative in Mongar. It sells a variety of products including dried fruits, fermented cheese or paper plates, all produced by farmers.



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  1. Do you need prior training or experience? No, we provide starter training for all Marshals.

  2. The shop not only markets the products, but also showcases them and sets an example of selling standard quality goods with proper packaging and labelling. How to co-ordinate the actions of all Officials in the sector, reporting of incidents, post management and the positioning of Officials in appointed locations.

  3. The equipment helped improve the dairy products and market them.

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