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A big aspect that makes pegging so humiliating is the mental side to it. You will obey me. I attach the collar around his penis and testicles.

Cuckolding tumblr

If its not up to par he may get punished. The goal here is to make his semen come out of his dick without pleasure, but for most men, the pleasure and orgasm actually begins several seconds before he ejaculates.

Cuckolding tumblr

Cuckolding tumblr

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For fashionable, you can facefuck your man with your cuckolding tumblr, while you rub his most. Super slutty makeup is the capable and can be devoted with any after.
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  1. One way I do this is with the electric dog collar and handcuffs.

  2. Its encouraged in this situation that you will be very forceful with your voice. I enjoy leaving the device on him, and tell him to try to have an orgasm with it on no vibrator allowed!

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