Crawfish festival mississippi


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Ferris wheels, swing rides, spinning tops and old-fashioned arcade games provide family entertainment during the entire festival hours until late into the night on all days except Sunday. The Basics Eight days of lively entertainment, competitions and crawdad tasting offer lots of chances to get in on the action. Reserved seating is more than double the price of general admission.

Crawfish festival mississippi

More than rides include ones just for the kiddies, with themes such as lollypops, bubble bees and wacky worms. You can choose between reserved seating for the concerts, general admission tickets for all events and pay-one-price ride armbands for certain hours and days.

Crawfish festival mississippi

Crawfish festival mississippi

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  1. The remaining three days feature well-known entertainers such as country stars Montgomery Gentry and Lee Brice.

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