Crane broiler festival


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He said there isn't many churches that have an active evangelism program in their church, that teaches their church members how to share their faith and take it to the streets and public events, etc. He said, "No thanks, I'm trying to quit". He is the Evangelism Director at a church in Springfield.

Crane broiler festival

Saturday, there will also be a parade at 10 a. Volunteers are cooking up the famous BBQ chicken.

Crane broiler festival

Crane broiler festival

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  1. We passed out 2, bottles of ice cold water to anyone and everyone that passed by our booth, as well as giving them gospel tracts of all sorts. Our Pastor, Ashley Ellison , not only believes this, but teaches the church to be a witness for Christ in their every day lives, as well as hitting the streets and events sharing the gospel.

  2. Just a little bit later, the police followed this man and arrested him - public drunk. That's what makes it go.

  3. He said, "No thanks, I'm trying to quit". We have a lot of volunteers.

  4. While that type of farming is not as popular there now, the name and the event stuck, thanks to the tasty BBQ chicken only found at the Broiler Festival. Quick says the community comes together to make the event happen for the guests that come to the small Stone County town.

  5. Here is a short slideshow that Pastor Ashley Ellison put together of the event.

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