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The location of this house is excellent, it was an easy walk to the centro historico but near busy streets where taxicabs were readily available. San Luis Potosi, Mexico In the zombie apocalypse, how long would you survive and what skills would you bring to the fight?

Craigslist san luis potosi mexico

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Craigslist san luis potosi mexico

Craigslist san luis potosi mexico

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  1. Once your in the historic district you can walk to wonderful eateries or street food vendors.

  2. You might have to share the bathroom but if you would like an authentic stay in a colonial building with a lovely host we can recommend - see our review for full details.

  3. While most of the men spoke some Spanish along with their native tongue, Tenec, most of the women spoke only Tenec. This part took forever.

  4. Here are the highlights of our conversation. And could you do that quickly, like if the zombies were approaching you?

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