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Because homicide is an inherently irrational act, people often look for external forces that provided either motive or opportunity. People lose their lives every day doing it.

Craigslist honesdale pa

And, yes, arranging private meetings on the Internet can be dangerous. So take an attractive female victim, a white med student who looks like the boy next door, a trendy Internet hook that involves sex and presto:

Craigslist honesdale pa

Craigslist honesdale pa

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  1. Media bias plays a role here as well.

  2. They shift the focus from the killer to the guns he used, the racism he expressed, the video games he played. But let's have a little perspective.

  3. Philip Markoff, the "Craigslist killer. A quick glance at some of the personals ads posted on Craigslist -- generally posted by the user, with no human intervention by Craigslist's small staff -- reveals that solicitations for prostitution have largely moved from the street corner to the Internet.

  4. Likewise, some 50 million people use Craigslist every month, most of them for business, some to meet people, some, no doubt, for sex.

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