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They all work on both computers and mobile devices, are free to use, allow users to search a variety of categories within a specific region, and allow shoppers to save items they want to revisit later. Sure, there might still be fake profiles out there, but it's much easier to identify a scammer through a fake profile than if they only provide a phone number or email address, like on Craigslist. On the mobile app, it's an icon at the top of the page.

Craigslist grand forks north dakota

But if you've never used any of these websites and apps, finding the right one can be tricky and overwhelming. But it doesn't seem to be quite as popular because I didn't see nearly as many listings compared to other resources.

Craigslist grand forks north dakota

Craigslist grand forks north dakota

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  1. It's certainly the first place I usually think to look when I want to buy used online.

  2. A couch could be labeled as "couch," "sofa" or "loveseat," and searching each individual term gets tedious. And sometimes sellers have brand new products that haven't even been taken out of the package yet but for some reason can't be returned to the store.

  3. It's where I found my new apartment, and it had—by far—the most rental listings of any other sites I checked.

  4. Because of this, scammers can easily post bogus listings, and not knowing who you're talking to can be a big security risk.

  5. So I've compiled pros and cons for a few popular buying and selling websites and mobile apps to help a first-time online bargain hunter.

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