Craigslist anchorage alaska personals


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I live in the sunshine state. Sometimes they were gone minutes after he posted them. Baker, a stay-at-home father of three, fired up a Web site, www.

Craigslist anchorage alaska personals

Some Craigslist devotees believe Baker is now lurking on Craigslist, trying to "flag" ads so more people will be driven to his site. Although Craigslist doesn't get specific about how flagging works or why it happens, users across the nation have identified flagging as a problem for the site. Baker, who lives in Chugiak, said he hopes his site will be the "antithesis of Craigslist.

Craigslist anchorage alaska personals

Craigslist anchorage alaska personals

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  1. I don't like games that some men play but I play hard!

  2. Instead of using the Craigslist method of moderation -- relying on volunteers to monitor ads and flag them if they don't fit the rules -- Baker reads each ad himself before posting it.

  3. Baker scoffed at that claim.

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