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They unloaded their horses, wagon and in their best western outfits and large cowboy hats, were photographed amidst flags waving in celebration. Thus, Cozad, Nebraska was born.

Cozad newspaper

In the early history of Cozad, the rail cars were seen on many side tracks, such as at the Cover Sheep Lots, in east Cozad. In , President Abraham Lincoln challenged the railroad to be built to a specific spot on the Nebraska map. The railroad, with its early construction crews, and later with its encouragement of immigrants and settlers from the East, laid the foundations upon which the city was built; and, in return, Cozad poured its wealth of agricultural products and livestock into this great transcontinental artery, nourishing the growing giant, which is American.

Cozad newspaper

Cozad newspaper

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  1. The service to the Cozad Community is noted, as the crops are harvested, and the train cars are loaded by the elevators, near the th Meridian sign. In , President Abraham Lincoln challenged the railroad to be built to a specific spot on the Nebraska map.

  2. President Lincoln was pointing at the th Meridian, the current location of Cozad.

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