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The junior play foul lines shall be defined as an imaginary line 21 ft. Holy Moly Triple Cornholy: In the common version of cancellation scoring, the total score for each team for the inning is totalled each round, and then the difference of the two scores is awarded to the team with the higher score.


A bag in-the-hole of one contestant shall cancel a bag in-the-hole of his competitor and those bags shall not score any points. ACA members that are keeping a record of their individual results for ACA ranking purposes would also note the number of bags that they pitched in the hole.



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  1. The team who tosses first, resulting from the team scoring last. The little stinkers love to get in the way, steal your bags, and climb on the boards.

  2. A bag that lands past the cornhole but remains on the board creating a backboard for a slider to knock into without going off the board. The list goes on and on.

  3. A cornhole that goes over the top of a blocker and into the hole.

  4. A bag that goes directly in the hole without touching the board. A toss that is thrown too weakly and lands on the ground before reaching the board.

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