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They flourish in right conditions particularly with the availability of calcium. Amazingly when snails go into a sleep-state depending upon the conditions either they hibernate or estivate , even it plugs the shell opening to keep them moist and safe. Kodagu Literacy Rate Average literacy rate of Kodagu in were

Coorg sex

Calcium rich Snails are food for wildlife — birds, reptiles, insects and mammals including man particular species only — a delicacy sold at fancy restaurants. In the right environment they can lay hundreds of eggs and seems like these extra ordinary beings are here to stay even after humans manage to kill each other. Last but not the least it prevents them from over digesting the semen and like the Indian TV commercial would go, perhaps it might help them find their mating partners!

Coorg sex

Coorg sex

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  1. In fact like the human nail, their inimitable rasp-like tongue called radula which grows from the base throughout the life is used to scrape food. Even though their shell has no life, its start during embryonic development itself and come out from the pearly eggs with it.

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  3. Sex determination using discriminant function analysis in Indigenous Kurubas children and adolescents of Coorg, Karnataka, India:

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