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Fortunately, I have a bevy of girlfriends who love to cook and love to drink wine , so I grab my friend, Tara, a similarly frazzled mother of five, and off we head to Broken Arrow. But I want people to come to my studio and experience a hands-on, recreational, fun time in the kitchen.

Cooking classes tulsa area

Candace was able to blend her love of food, teaching and performing into one business. So, I book a class that sounds great for PVT and me:

Cooking classes tulsa area

Cooking classes tulsa area

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  1. When you take the meat off the heat and cut it immediately, the juices are pooled in the center of the meat and will pour out, leaving your meat dry, flavorless and tough.

  2. Seems like we need to shake things up a bit — and to remember we are still people, individuals that had lives and histories and quirks before the whole love, marriage, baby carriage fairytale. Probably a tall order for a single date night, but what the hey!

  3. We are here for the people who want to learn more about cooking, make it easier and more sensible for them to cook at home and have a great time. But the camaraderie of the class is infectious:

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